4 Social Media Tools = Professional Hygiene Made Easy

On Episode II of CAREEREALISM TV, we discussed why managing your personal brand online needs to be part of your professional hygiene. In short, if you aren't proactively creating and maintaining a career identity using 4 social media tools (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter & professional blogs), you are hurting your professional credibility. Here's why: Branding Is Expected Watch this segment to understand how we can easily take our cues from traditional marketing in order to build our personal brands online. You'll also learn why employers expect to see your presence on the Internet, and when they don't, how a lack of a personal brand can hurt you. Each Social Networking Tool Serves Different Purposes After Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter offer powerful professional networking resources - but only if you know how to leverage them. Watch this segment to learn the best ways to connect with people using these tools. Twitter, Blog Commenting & Guest Posting Can Make You An Instant Subject-Matter Expert Using the mirco-blogging platform, Twitter, as well as contributing to other blogs is the single fastest way to make yourself known as an expert in your field. Watch live video from CAREEREALISM channel on Justin.tvRight Way v.s. Wrong Way to Share Opinion Online (AND When to Consider Using an Alias) PS - I want to thank the wonderful CAREEREALISM TV interns, Kat (the team's leader) and strategists, Shannon and Josh, for their hard work in creating the video promotions and show strategy for the past two episodes of the show. You've been an incredible team to collaborate with and will make future employers very happy!