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You ace every evaluation, come in early and stay late, finally earning the corner office. Now what? Tune in on July 16th at 1pm EDT and get the tools you need to transition from handling tasks for yourself, to getting an entire staff operating at peak proficiency. It can be hard to move up to management and find out that the skills that helped make you the best employee in your department aren't the skills most needed to manage others around you. During this webinar we will discuss:
  • Turning veteran employees into allies
  • Getting your staff bringing information up, instead of micro-managing down
  • Using evaluations as a tool, not a weapon
Join us for this special presentation on professional development and leadership. Presenter: Gregory Gershman. Look forward to seeing you all there!   WATCH NOW ►   Photo Credit: Shutterstock

About The Presenter

Gregory Gershman is the founder and director for AutoHQ, a national company specializing in helping organizations with employee retention. AutoHQ helps design mission statements, core values, job descriptions, employee evaluation processes, and provides ongoing training for sales employees. After five years of excelling in sales, Gregory moved into sales and organization management. Over the next twenty years Gregory managed hundreds of sales consultants, and millions of dollars of revenue. The last two years have been dedicated to the creation of AutoHQ. In that time, over 1,000 sales consultants have been trained and placed in new careers. Over 150 sales organizations have used Gregory to either help in hiring, training, or consulting. Gregory lives in the Capital Region with his beautiful wife, and slobbering rescue pitbulls, spending any spare time collecting first edition books and trying to read his way through a library.
  Photo Credit: Shutterstock
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