Expert Requirements & Qualifications

Expert Requirements & Qualifications
So, you want to be a CAREEREALISM-Approved Expert, huh? Great! We'd love to feature your advice and expertise on our site. Before you apply, however, you will have to meet certain qualifications. Here are CAREEREALISM's requirements for new experts:
  • Must be an author, consultant, advisor, or coach for a career-related industry (i.e. social media consutant, life coach, etc.)
  • Must have a website or blog
  • Must submit a writing sample (URL from previous guest posting/blog posts)
  • Must have an updated LinkedIn profile
  • Must have an updated Twitter account
  • Must provide a headshot and bio
We reserve the right to reject any applicant who does not meet these requirements. To apply to become a CAREEREALISM-Approved Expert, please click HERE >>

Writing Requirements

If you’re thinking about contributing to CAREEREALISM, please read the following guidelines carefully. All articles will be reviewed by our editorial team. We reserve the right to reject any content that does not meet our requirements/standards. Note: We DO NOT participate in text-link advertising. All contributor posts must be original, educational in nature, and relevant to our audience. All external links must be approved by our editorial staff to ensure they are relevant to the article’s content.


  • Must provide true career value
  • Must be original content (does not/will not appear anywhere else on the Web)
  • Must be written for a global audience (must have universal appeal)
  • Must be educational in nature/not salesy
  • Must have a career-related keyword


  • Entire piece must be 500-800 words long
  • Title must be under 50 characters, including spaces
  • Must be nicely organized
  • Must contain good headers
  • Must have professional spelling/grammar
  • Must include an author bio (under 160 characters long)

External Links

  • Maximum one external link to your website (or client’s) in the body of the article
  • Anchor text cannot be blatantly promotional (i.e. Great deals on or Check out MyWebsite for more information)
  • Links/text should not be forced
  • Other external links will only be approved if they bring reader to a credible source to verify a statistic/study
  • Biography is under 160 characters (with spaces) and only includes one link


Articles must fall into one of the following categories:
  • Job Search
  • Personal Branding
  • Interviewing
  • Networking
  • Workplace
  • Career development
  • Career change
  • Work/life balance
  • Starting a business
  • Management