Job Board Detox Tip #7: Define Your Personal Brand
Today’s job board detox tip: Define your personal brand. I know you have heard this 100 times. It is probably becoming white noise for you, but have you tried to discover what your brand is? Just to clarify, a personal brand expresses to others your uniqueness. What makes you unique? For what knowledge, advice, or help do others seek you out? I have one client who truly was “Mr. Fix-It.” He could fix almost any gardening or household machine. He is the go-to guy for fixing mechanical things including cars. What are you known for? How do you want to be perceived in the future? Not only look to the past to discover your brand, but also consider the future and the direction you are heading. Mr. Fix-It is currently investigating taking his fix-it skills and going into training mechanics how to use and apply certain tools in certain situations. Or how about the client who is an office manager and is known for “creating calm from chaos.” She has a passion for non-profits. Her brand is creating calm so your non-profit has more impact. The key is to remember that your brand is already inside you. You just need to know what it is, define it, speak it, and promote it. Resource: Book by Deb Dib and others, The Twitter Job Search Guide - teaches how to create Twitter length blurbs for your branding and how to use Twitter. [youtube expand=1] Job board detox personal brand image from Stockvault
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Teacher lectures students in a classroom

My grandparents owned a two-story walkup in Brooklyn, New York. When I was a child, my cousins and I would take turns asking each other questions, Trivial Pursuit style. If we got the question correct, we moved up one step on the staircase. If we got the question wrong, we moved down one step. The winner was the person who reached the top landing first. While we each enjoyed serving as the “master of ceremonies on 69th Street,” peppering each other with rapid-fire questions, I enjoyed the role of maestro the most of all my cousins. I suppose I was destined to be an educator.

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