Are You A Dinosaur Or A Cockroach In Your Job?

Perfect and job rarely go together in the same sentence. It seems like there could almost always be something not quite right with a job, but what’s important is how you handle those things that might not be perfectly the way you want them to be. So my question to you is… are you fossilized in your job? Are you so set in your ways that your mind isn’t open at all to change? I heard this illustration the other day and thought I would share… dinosaurs and cockroaches existed at the same time in history, but the dinosaur is extinct and the cockroach is still around. Why is that? Because the cockroach is adaptable and flexible. The dinosaur failing to adapt, fossilized and went away. Nothing is 100% the same on the job, so you’ve got to have some flexibility. In fact, I tell my writers when I bring them on that they can count on one thing while working for me—change. I am all about process improvement. What will make our company better? How can we better service our clients? How can we create better resumes to help our clients get interviews faster? These are all important questions that we ask ourselves daily. Companies who aren’t open to change eventually fade away. My point is this (while I’m not going to go as far as to suggest you should be a cockroach… ew), I am going to say: flexibility and adaptability will take you a long way in your career. So never become so ingrained in doing everything the same way that you eventually fossilize and fade away.

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