Does Your Job Title Sound Dull? Give It A Makeover!

There is a lot more to you than just a job title. Going to a bar and getting asked "What do you do?" can be disheartening when you come off sound less and interesting. That's no way to start a good conversation. We know it can be a challenge to make your job title sound more interesting when you're being introduced to someone. Let us help get your introduction back on track with our new segment of Careers On Tap called "Career Hot or Not." So here's how it works: Viewers submit their job title, a hobby, and a brief description about themselves. Then, our hosts, J.T. O'Donnell and Sam Bennett, will come up with their down new "HOT" introductions for them. After that, it's up to our viewers to vote and see which one they like the best. Get involved with this great new segment and have your personal brand and bar introduction go from 'Not' to HOT! Here is one of our latest episodes for you to check out. [vfb id=30]

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Have you heard of the three Cs of career growth? They are the three things you need to focus on in your career if you want to move up the ladder at work and find long-term professional success.

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