Melissa C. Martin

Melissa C. Martin
Melissa C. MartinName: Melissa C. Martin Twitter:@ravingredheadPersonal Website/Blog:www.webinarcareercoach.blogspot.comBio: Melissa is a passionate, innovative career expert, who holds impressive credentials in the career/employment field for over 11 years. Her specialties include dealing with the unemployed, underemployed, military members, military spouses, aspiring entrepreneurs and those who need "career nourishment" to re-ignite themselves. What's your favorite career related quote?"What would you do if you knew you wouldn't fail?" (Unknown) What's your favorite part about being a CAREEREALISM-Approved Career Expert? My favorite part is the opportunity to connect globally with job seekers. Articles written by this expert: 5 Steps for ‘Panning for Gold’ in Job Search (PLUS Law of 6!)RISK: What the Romans Can Teach You About Career Change5 Ways People Are Getting Raises & Promotions in a Tight EconomyJob Seeker Says: I’ve Got a Passion for NOTHING!10 Ways to Use Speed Networking in Your Job Search10 Tips for Dealing With Workplace HarassmentBroke New Year’s Resolution? Turn to Chinese New Year to Reignite Job Search7 Steps to Using the Power of Intuition in Your Job Search10 Ways to Deal with the Signs of LayoffWant a Job? Use a Job Developer’s TechniquesHow to Recover from a Layoff: Recovery = ResilienceEasy Steps for Designing a Social Networking Strategy in Your Job SearchTwitter: How to Tap into This High-powered Job Search Tool360 Degrees May Be Your Best Online Marketing StrategyWant to Wow an Interviewer? Use Competitive IntelligenceHave You Tracked Your Online ID Lately?Job Search Motivation from A-Z 4 Things That Can Affect Your Career ChoicesAre You Ready to Return to Work?9 Questions to Ask Yourself During a Job SearchWhy Procrastination Can Be Good in a Job SearchHow to Use Military Experience in Your ResumeWhy Learning a New Language Can Help Your Job SearchUnemployed? Maybe You Should Change Your Perspective
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Man with autism tries to network during a work meeting

We recently launched a social media campaign on TikTok asking users to share their stories about why they "#workitdaily." This week, we heard from Robert Rosen, a Work It Daily member who wrote about his experiences as a professional with autism.

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