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Name: Miriam Salpeter Twitter: @Keppie_Careers Personal Website/Blog: www.KeppieCareers.com Bio: Miriam Salpeter, MA, is owner of Keppie Careers and author of Social Networking for Career Success. She teaches job seekers and entrepreneurs how to leverage social media, writes resumes, creates websites (social resumes) and helps clients succeed with their goals. Miriam is known in the industry for her highly regarded blog (KeppieCareers.com) and she is an expert source for CNN, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Forbes.com, ABCnews.com and other media outlets. Miriam shares insights about important and timely career strategies that get results in her weekly U.S. News & World Report "On Careers" column and she is a CNN "top 10 job tweeter you should be following." Learn more via Miriam's website: www.keppiecareers.com and find her on Twitter @Keppie_Careers, Google+ (+MiriamSalpter) and Facebook (Keppie Careers). What's your favorite career related quote? [Unknown] What's your favorite part about being a CAREEREALISM-Approved Career Expert? This program is a great opportunity to extend my mission of encouraging, enlightening and empowering job seekers for success. Articles written by this expert: Social Networking for Career Success How To Market Yourself In Today’s Economy
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I have seen business roles defined in ways that confuse many individuals because of the close connections to other positions. These may be the same roles that you have questioned during your professional career.

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