Oprah vs. Trump: Who’s the Better Manager?

Oprah vs. Trump: Who’s the Better Manager?
Welcome to the Career Bar & Grill! Between Oprah’s new TV network and Donald’s ongoing show "The Apprentice," I think we can all agree these two business tycoons have very different leadership styles. The question is: [poll id="11"] Experts Weigh In We asked over 100 career experts to weigh in on the debate, here’s what a few had to say: Votes for Oprah Oprah – by far. She is a positive person who looks for the best in people. Tweet 49 in my career advice book Success Tweets says, “Surround yourself with positive people. Hold them close. They will give you energy and help you create the career success you deserve.” I watch Oprah’s show occasionally and read her magazine after my wife finishes it. She is positive and inspiring. That’s why I think she has a management style superior to Donald Trump when it comes to being a mentor and helping you develop in your career. [Bud Bilanich | The Common Sense Guy] Tough question. Oprah has a giving heart and is kind, but could she really discipline someone who needs it? On the other hand, Trump definitely has the rough and tough side of things, but many people can't work for someone with that management style. I'd have to go with Oprah, because it's easier to get her to be more firm than to get a hard-nosed person to soften up. [Ben Eubanks | HR Specialist] Votes for Donald Every “Apprentice” episode includes a segment where everyone is called into the board room, and while Trump is doggedly determined to find out root causes of team successes or failures, he also tosses out tidbits of his own observations of what could have happened better or what he thought worked well from a business standpoint. He’s pretty even handed but isn’t afraid to call someone out for a misguided decision. That, in a nutshell, helps the people on the show understand the bottom-line viewpoint of virtually any business owner. [Dawn Rasmussen | CTP, CMP, Chief Resume Designer] Hands down Donald Trump has the best A-list management style. He has been building and managing all aspects of his companies and he hand picks the people that work for him. He is the perfect power of example of what he expects from employees from his professional image and brand, business fundamentals, instincts, innovation, intelligence, integrity, sense of humor and a big dose of heart. He leads by example and allows people the chance to show and bring their best. He would be a great mentor for anyone to apprentice under. [Deborah Shane | Motivator, Educator and Catalyst] Donald Trump grooms business people to become CEO’s. "The Apprentice" is a very good example. Each contestant takes on a project management position. Candidates must prove themselves by managing a team of individuals at various skill levels with diverse personalities to organize an A-List event. The candidate is pushed to demonstrate his/her best talents and those of her team to win. They must have vision, knowledge, information, confidence, credibility and leadership. Successful employers must possess all of these attributes. Oprah, while offering a dynamic work and team environment, appears to be the chief decision-maker. [Shell Mendelson | Career Path Expert] If forced to pick just one of them for superior style, I would give it to Donald Trump. Donald is highly skilled in numerous things that any employee could learn from. Among his skills: keen sense of business, outstanding negotiating skills, how he reads people, clear communications, sets expectations of all those who work for him, experience in diverse businesses and his deep affection for people. While Oprah is outstanding in many of the same things, Donald’s edge is his diverse industry experience and ability to transfer his skills successfully. [Dorothy Tannahill Moran | CPCC,ACC, Career Change Agent] Now it’s your turn! Post your thoughts below in the comment section or on Twitter using the #CareerBG hashtag. Who would you rather work for and why?See » what others are saying on Twitter
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