[Ah-ha Lab] Surprising Career Wisdom from Billionaire's Son

[Ah-ha Lab] Surprising Career Wisdom from Billionaire's Son
Ever wonder what it’s like to grow up with someone like Warren Buffet as your father? Watch this episode of Ah-ha Lab to find out first hand from none other than Peter Buffett! CAREEREALISM.com Founder, J.T. O'Donnell had the rare opportunity to speak to Peter and to hear more about his new book, Life is What You Make It. In it, you'll learn how he believes while well-intended, many parents want the best for their children, but don’t necessarily give it to them. Highlights including some refreshingly honest and surprising career advice that includes:
  1. Why following your passion is a must-do, but it will require redefining your narrow definition of success.
  2. How focusing on an end-result usually makes us miss out on opportunities that could have been far more satisfying.
You can learn more about Peter, his book, and his incredibly successful career as a musician at his site, www.peterbuffett.com. Each Ah-ha Lab is a discussion around a cutting-edge concept being shared by one of today’s emerging thought leaders. See the new ideas that are shaping our professional futures.
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