4 Tips For Staying Productive During The Holidays

4 Tips For Staying Productive During The Holidays

It’s not just the holiday season – it’s hiring season. Many companies’ end-of-year budgets allow for hiring at the very start of the new year. Because January is one of the top months for hiring, now is the time to be diligent and step up your efforts. If, like me, you get stuck at a relative’s house that lacks a decent high-speed Internet connection, there are still many (offline) ways to stay productive in your job search. Here are some job search tips for staying productive during the holidays.

1. Update Your Resume

Chances are, you haven’t put much effort into your resume since you began your very first job search years ago. Take an hour to tweak every little bullet point. A few tips:
  • Point out specific accomplishments for each job description.
  • Quadruple check for any misspellings or grammatical errors – these mistakes can get your resume quickly tossed into the trash.
  • Cut out the clutter and add what you really want the hiring manager to see – your resume might only be given a cursory glance.
A polished, updated resume can place you far above the competition. The little investment of time can pay off significantly.

2. Network At Holiday Parties

You probably have a few cocktail parties, cookie exchanges and family get-togethers penciled in on your calendar. And there’s really not a more perfect way to network (and potentially get a job offer).
  • Come prepared with your elevator pitch – including your accomplishments and career goals.
  • Bring a couple business cards in your wallet in case you find the right person to give one to.
  • Enjoy yourself, but go easy on the alcohol – there’s nothing less professional than being too tipsy.
They say job offers are all about “who you know.” Introducing and selling yourself could help you meet someone who is hiring (or at least someone who knows someone who is hiring).

3. Give Hiring Managers A Ring

The next-best thing about the holidays (the best being vacation days) is a reduced workload. For most businesses, tasks slowdown during the holidays. Now is the time to give that hiring manager a call. While most people e-mail, a conversation over the phone could help you beat the competition – if you’re prepared. Ask specific questions about the job, know every little detail about the company and be prepared for any interview-like questions. Best of all – this is the time when a lot of people “give up” on their job search. With fewer competitors, a job offer could be just a call away.

4. Volunteer – ‘Tis The Season!

With all the vacation days you get to enjoy, take a couple of them helping others. Nonprofits usually have more than the usual amount of opportunities during this time. Whether it’s volunteering with the skills you have, like redesigning a website for a nonprofit, or simply giving back to the community with traditional volunteering, it could help your job search. Not only does volunteering make you feel good, it could advance your career. You’ll practice old skills or gain new ones. You’ll network with others who, again, might be hiring or know someone who is. Enjoy this article? You've got time for another! Check out these related articles:Photo Credit: Shutterstock