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Switching Jobs? Here's What You Need To Consider

Switching Jobs? Here's What You Need To Consider

The time has come. You’re suited up and ready to go. You’ve outgrown your role, your chair belongs to an intern, and who knows what replacement they’ve rustled up – maybe another version of you, sans a few years’ experience. New horizons are looming, old clichés too, as the revolving door never stops turning and suddenly you’re the new kid again. Related:Resume Tips For A Career Change Before you level-up and continue your personal success story, make sure you have the following chapters under control – a few may seem small now, but keeping an eye on the small stuff usually reaps bigger rewards later on. Here are a few things you need to consider before you switch jobs, or change careers completely.

Be Your Own Super Hero

Hold off on the Spandex. No matter how buff, trim or smoking you are, nobody wants to see Professional Man or Career Woman claiming the cover of the next Marvel release. Instead, cast your mind to a less appreciated aspect of the super category – superannuation. When you change jobs, your new employer might not pay super into the same fund as your old employer – get clued in and request they transfer your hard earned retirement coin into the right account from Day 1. Although you don’t want to think about it now, your super can be useful in a pinch, including serious illness and injury. You can do it yourself or let legal big wigs like Turner Freeman, Simmons & Simmons, or Freehills take a look. Get smarter about super.

What’s In It For You?

Aside from the cursory gym membership, discounted health insurance, travel discounts or whatever carrots your new workplace offers new recruits before giving you the stick (office politics), have a look into salary sacrifice, training programs and employee advocacy. You’ve moved on to expand your skillset, what options are available to ensure that expansion is positive and beneficial to your aspirations? They have not only gained an employee, but you’ve also gained a social and professional structure in which to thrive or dive – if the tools aren’t there, maybe you need to consider a different shed. Alternatively, you can talk to the decision makers. Build some professional currency within the business before you walk into their offices and tell them how your idea can make their business SOOOO much better.

Are You A Believer?

Every company has a vision. Passionate employers love to talk about these visions every moment of every day (given the chance). Sometimes it’s just talk, sometimes there’s action to back up the verbal prose – either way, you can be assured of one thing. Vision informs the culture and politics of the company, indirectly or directly. If you’re not buying what they’re selling now, chances are, when the new job magic wears off, you’ll be unhappy. Don’t try and make yourself fit somewhere you really feel you don’t belong – misery isn’t a sure ticket to the corner office. Do you have any tips to add to our tri-stack of hints? Write them below, tell your friends and collect their stories. The inside scoop on the job switch starts with you.

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