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I recently saw this Saturday Night Live clip on a plane. I was laughing so hard, people were staring at me. Let me just stress: I know plenty of talented young people who don’t fall into this stereo-type. (Greg, Lindsay and Ariella, the three 20-something staff members at CAREEREALISM, you aren’t at all like this video!) That being said, my favorite phrases in this video clip are:

The only show that celebrates the incredibly high self-esteem of the YouTube generation. Because today... it doesn’t matter if you have skills, training, or years of experience, you can do it. Hi everyone, I’m Liam Terry from LiamTerry.com. You are so self-promotional - and everyone enjoys that. Because I have no shame or self-awareness! You can leave or stay, which ever you’d like. I’ll stay, because I’m full of unearned confidence. I’m what you would call, “Twitter famous.” My self-esteem is through the roof because nobody has ever been really honest with me about how mediocre I am. What if someone were honest with you? I would immediately cry. And that’s accepted now. The world needs more singer/songwriters and fewer doctors and engineers. I posted a video on-line and 1,000 people have watched it. Therefore, I assumed that everyone admires my work. Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% getting your name out there. I’ll be combining my two life’s passions: Irish Dancing and Chinese Caligraphy. I majored in poetry and clowning - which cost my parents about $45,000 per year. I went to a school with no grades. I tried, and therefore no one should criticize me.
Here’s the thing though... it’s not just the young folks acting this way! The ugly “E” word (entitled) is something workers of all ages are displaying these days. Tons of folks have the, “I deserve it because I deserve it” attitude. And, it’s hurting their careers. What kind of entitled behavior are you seeing at work? Share in the comments below the most annoying acts - I want to prove it’s not just the younger generation acting entitled. Photo Credit: Shutterstock
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