What's a Wibiya Bar?

By CAREEREALISM.com Founder, J.T. O'Donnell Last week, we got sneaky on all our readers. We quietly installed a Wibiya bar at the bottom of our site. Don't worry, we aren't tracking your every move - just trying a new tool designed to make the experience on our site easier, interactive and most importantly, useful. Check out our Twitter feed, Facebook fan page and YouTube channel without ever leaving us. The bar lets us pull all of our other free career resources (Facebook, Twitter and YouTube) into a single place for your viewing pleasure. Just click on the icons in the bar and you'll see our updates for each of these social media tools.You can also check out recent posts or search the site using keywords to find what you are looking for. Heck, we even threw the foreign language translator in for good measure! Go ahead and try it. Click stuff...I dare you. I promise it doesn't bite! Meet other Careerealists in our chat room - or snag a deal on our Career HMO! We were also able to install a free chat bar that allows visitors talk to one another through their favorite social media channel. Hit "Join Chat" and pick your profile of choice. Seconds later, you'll be swapping job search war stories in the trenches. And, if you paid attention to the little notice that pops up when you visit the site, you'll see we are giving away a FREE 1/2 of private career coaching to anyone who signs up for our #1 Career HMO, CAREEREALISMclub.com. Finally, the Wibiya bar can help your career!!! Everyone has a favorite method for sharing useful information. I'm a huge fan of Twitter, while others like Facebook, Digg, e-mail, etc. Regardless of your choice, now you can quickly and easily use your favorite tool without leaving the site. Sharing valuable information is the best way for you to build your credibility on-line. Show hiring managers, colleagues and the rest of the Internet population that you read more than the comics. Posting timely professional development advice is a smart career move. FACT: The Wibiya bar makes you look good! So, what do you think? Do you like the bar? Have you seen it on other sites? Are there any features you wish we could add to it? (Wibiya has some features we can pay for, but we wanted to see what readers thought first.) We'd love to hear your thoughts.