Work For A Green Company

Today's job seeker has the same objectives as those of the past; sufficient wages and benefits, job security, and opportunities for growth. But the contemporary candidate adds the following: to work for a green company that provides environmentally-friendly products and services. That the term "green" is subjectively used is not reason for you to pause as a job seeker. Nevertheless, you would do well to be aware of the areas of concern and opportunities associated with employment in a green company. As with most business ventures, the areas of concern are also the avenues of opportunity. The perception of the product or service in the market is the primary example. Either the green product or service is competing for market share with traditional products or services or the green product or service is an entirely new venture, having no competition. The flooring industry, for example, in recent years has been moving towards more green flooring initiatives due to the rise in consumer demand for such products. Companies know that consumers interested in sustainable products are aware that the costs may be greater but they are willing to pay for the ethical benefits of having such a product. If there is no market for the product, the green company must establish a market, showing why the product or service is needed. This effort always requires a hefty advertising budget. For the successful ones, the future is promising but for those who cannot compete or create a market, the company and therefore the job are not sustainable. Another area of concern and opportunity is that green companies are on the cutting edge with respect to required skills and technology. As an employee, you must be willing to continue training and the company must invest in you as well as equipment to keep the green advantage. Again, in the flooring industry, new developments such as recycled carpet and hardwood floors are becoming more prominent. With the stresses on a company to survive and on you to juggle your personal goals with career goals, it is easy to lose sight of this. However, the proactive company and employee will certainly reap rewards by doing so. Finally, the green company must maintain an ambitious customer service program, the customer of the green company will certainly demand proof that the products or services meet their expectation of being green. They will be loyal where said proof is evidenced but will quickly expose the pretender. The wise employee of a green company will keep these considerations in view. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

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