How To: Effective Self-Introductions for Job Seekers
Okay, it’s a pet peeve with me. I’ll admit it. When I hear a job seeker, especially executive-level ones, introduce themselves wrong, it’s like nails on a chalkboard to me! I wrote this post for LinkedIn recently to try to get their users to stop with the outdated, cheesy self-introductions. I hope you’ll read this post on how to introduce yourself properly! READ THE FULL ARTICLE ► Image Credit: Shutterstock
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Teacher avoids making common teaching mistakes

As an education consultant observing instruction across content areas, grade bands, and schools, I have seen A LOT of instruction, both good and bad. While most teachers teach from a place of caring and compassion, the simple mistakes that I see teachers repeatedly making are undermining the overall impact that they could be having on learning especially when one considers the cumulative effect of poor teaching practices, across multiple teachers, on any one student.

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