Alex Simon | Career Reinvention Coach & Speaker

Alex Simon is a career reinvention coach and speaker. Often referred to as “a master at breaking into sexy and exciting careers”, he has promoted world title fights, managed Indy 500 race car drivers, worked for a Wall Street giant, and is the subject of Starsuckers, an award-winning documentary on the pursuit of fame. Check out his website, follow him on Twitter, find him on YouTube, or add him on LinkedIn! After nearly 20 years reinventing himself into careers that brought him excitement, fulfillment and a sense of significance, Alex now teaches his reinvention systems to individuals and corporations worldwide. He credits his need for a diverse lifestyle to being born in Florida, raised in Brazil by a German family speaking Portuguese.
Twitter: @alexsimonlive LinkedIn: /in/alexcsimon Personal Website/Blog: Featured Posts Why Your Network Isn’t Going To Help You READ MORE POSTS ►
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