Andria Corso
Name: Andria Corso Twitter: @andriacorso LinkedIn: /in/andriacorso Personal Website/Blog: Bio: Andria Corso is a career and leadership development coach and Strategic HR consultant with areas of expertise in career and leadership development and executive coaching. Andria has over 15 years of HR leadership experience insider Fortune 100 companies, including 11 years inside Lockheed Martin Corporation. Andria specifically works with clients on career transitions, career advancement & career development so they can reach their highest potential. She is the author of "From Gatekeeper to Trusted Advisor: Success Strategies for Today's HR Professional." What's your favorite career related quote? "On the road to success you can be sure of one thing...there is never a crowd on the extra mile." (Unknown) What’s your favorite part about being a CAREEREALISM-Approved Career Expert? It's great to be able to share my expertise on career development and how to achieve career success with a wide audience as well as be a mentor and a guide for others as they navigate their career paths! Articles written by this expert: Preparing for a Career Discussion with Your Manager Conducting Effective Career Discussions with Employees Career Development Feedback? Or Feed-forward? How to Create Your Unique Career Plan Career Transitions: Blank Pages Waiting to Be Filled How to Stand Out (and Fit In) at Your New Job 6 Principles for Reaching Your Ultimate Career Potential (Part 1) 6 Principles for Reaching Your Ultimate Career Potential (Part 2) Ask Yourself, 'What’s My Brand?' Career Goals: Are You Willing to Change? To Reach Your Highest Potential, Start from Your Strengths The Power of Persistence in Your Career Retention Problem? Perhaps it’s a Career Development Problem The Importance of Being Aligned with Your Work 5 Steps to Take Full Control of Your Career Show Your Passion, Advance Your Career Your First 90 Days: Do You Have a Plan? Career Success: The Elusive Carrot The Key Qualities of an Emerging Leader 3 Signs it’s Time for a Career Change Leading Work Effectively Through Shifting Priorities Personal Leadership is the Key to Leading at Work Manage Your Energy to Sustain Your Best Performance Is Your Leadership Role in Jeopardy? Take Control! 3 Steps to Help You Master the Art of Delegation How to Stand Up to Your Boss When You’re Overworked The Power of Gratitude Why You Need To Celebrate Your Accomplishments New Year’s Resolutions: Who Do You Want To Be? How To Thrive During Change 4 Steps To Recreate Your Leadership Style
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4 Steps To Prepare Employees For The Chaos Of (Unexpected) Emergency

Organizations are continually faced with potential emergencies (such as a power outage, fire, and pandemic) and natural disasters (such as earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, and wildfires). Your organization probably has a comprehensive, documented (and tested) business continuity plan and IT disaster recovery plan. But does your organization have the third key employee emergency preparedness plan?

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