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The Importance Of Becoming A Digital Butterfly

The Importance Of Becoming A Digital Butterfly

If your business hasn’t already joined the digital revolution it’s high time you took part – this is most certainly survival of the digital fittest and its sink or swim time people. Mike Cheeseman of Salt (digital recruitment agency not everyone’s favorite condiment) is about to share with you why it’s important to transform your company from social outcast to a digital butterfly.

Why Is It Important To Digitally Evolve Your Business?

Firstly, if you don’t digitally evolve, you are sure to get left behind very quickly. The whole world is super-fast paced and it’s up to you to keep up. By moving your business online, you are able to make your company more accessible, it’s easier for customers and business partners to stay in contact, and you can engage with them on a level previously thought impossible by marketers. Evolving digitally allows you to become part of your customers lives without having to bombard them with offline marketing tactics, such as direct mail or television advertising. Not only are these methods expensive, but they’re often not appropriate for all businesses. It’s also likely that most of your customers use some sort of social media, e-mail, or smartphones – if all your customers are waiting online for you, it makes no sense for you to go elsewhere.

What If I Don’t Want To Move My Whole World Online?

This is the beauty of the online world, it’s not a one stop fix for all businesses - it’s part of a bigger mix that must be carefully devised. The customer journey is long and complicated, much more so than it used to be. But this does mean that we have a wealth of mediums available to us; computer, laptop, tablet, phone, as well as offline alternatives. It’s up to us to decide on the best methods to reach our customers and to be smart about it. Don’t put all your eggs in one basic, mix and match, this way you’re creating maximum reach.

How To Transform Your Business From Social Zero To Internet Hero?

There are various platforms available to take your company from social zero to Internet hero. The first option is to consider going social. There are now tens of social media options that work beautifully for companies; Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Tumbler, Pinterest, Stumbleupon, Soundcloud, and Ebay to name but a few. These social media platforms allow you to engage with your customers on a personal and informal basis, allowing you to bring them ever so slightly further up the sales funnel, thus creating repeat customers and strong brand advocates. Other online options include website optimization; this involves using carefully selected keywords within your website – words that your customers are likely to use when searching for you. It seems so simple, but using the correctly targeted words for your webpages will make it easier for your customers to find you. If it’s easier for them to find you and they’re much more engaged via social platforms, your conversion rate is going to be through the roof. Another option most companies don’t consider is guest blogging; providing expert advice for customers on blog sites and in forums can provide your company with esteem that is often hard to come by in professional press or trade magazines. Blogging is quick, easy and if it’s good advice it can spread extremely far afield.

Is It Really That Easy?

Yes, going digital really is that easy – it will take a lot of dedicated time and effort but with a plan in place and the correct people to drive the plan forward it can turn your business around from social outcast to a digital butterfly. Photo Credit: Shutterstock