Finding Great Opportunities: Be Out In The World To Receive Your Luck

Finding Great Opportunities: Be Out In The World To Receive Your Luck
The following post is an excerpt from What the Hell Is Going On in My Life? – Using Your Birthdate to Find Answers About Relationships, Career, Money, Sex & Health by Larry Schwimmer. When Jupiter enters your 10th House, you receive great opportunities to expand or improve your career, profession, social status, or reputation. This is usually a fortunate time when you can make great progress in your occupation or business and achieve successful results. You may find yourself walking around the world with a confident swagger and a spring in your step. You'll feel courageous, enthusiastic, and have a very positive attitude that everyone around you notices. This is a time when you're happy because you're pursuing the work you were meant to do and your career climbs to new heights. It's when your business expansion efforts pay off big time. In fact, any career moves that you make are destined to produce results and strike pay dirt in the long run. This is a year of your life when you should be out in the public: networking, meeting people, and making contacts with those who'll be valuable in helping you achieve success in your career or business. Often in life, you work hard, talk to people, and reach out and ask for help, but you get no results (sometimes, no response). You might be tempted to say: “Hellloooo… is anyone there?" It just seems like the world is not acknowledging your existence; it's only throwing roadblocks your way. It's frustrating because, despite your earnest efforts, requests, and pleadings, you can't seem to make a breakthrough to accomplish your goals. However, get ready for the opposite effect. Here are some of positive responses you may receive during the year that Jupiter transits your 10th House:
  • “We've been looking for someone with your talent to join our company. You're hired!"
  • “After interviewing all the candidates, the board has decided to offer you the presidency."
  • “We're downsizing and re-organizing the company, but we'd like you to remain."
  • “Congratulations on starting your own business. We'd like to be your first customer."
  • “We want you to head the philosophy department at the university."
These are examples of statements that a person might hear when Jupiter transits their 10th House of career and reputation. Don't forget that luck is not only defined in terms of a big job offer, pay raise, a large product order, or a civic award for meritorious achievement. After all, you can't always tell bad luck from good luck at first glance. What, at first appears as bad luck, may turn out to be good luck in the long run. Because of Jupiter's beneficent influences your good fortune may be that you are saved from bad fortune. Consider these examples:
  • Not fired after making a costly mistake.
  • Not laid off from your company when other people are.
  • The company that didn't hire you goes bankrupt.
A Jupiter transit can make you feel expansive and grandiose where you are only looking for “big things" to happen, so it's good to manage your expectations when you have this transit. After all, one person might consider himself lucky to find a $1 bill on the street; another would insist that he'd have to find a $100 bill to feel lucky. While Jupiter's energies generally bring good luck and great opportunity, avoid the tendency to have such grand ideas of what luck means that you lose all sense of proportion or gratitude for the fortune you've been blessed with. Often luck brings you opportunity. But what you do with that opportunity is up to you. However, you must be proactive to take full advantage of the luck, fortune, and opportunity Jupiter brings to your career during this year. In fact, you must take steps to reach out in an extroverted way, even if it's not your normal style, because it will pay off during this year. Here are some actions that clients, who wanted to advance their careers, have taken during this transit:
  • I had one client agree to a commitment of having one lunch a week with a new contact; another said she'd make 10 phone calls a day to different organizations asking if they would be interested in sponsoring her workshop to their membership
  • Another person agreed to consult his weekly newspaper to attend three networking events at such places as his local chamber of commerce, country club, and church
  • One job seeker agreed to network each day on LinkedIn, attend job fairs, and call old bosses and colleagues on a daily basis until she found a new job
  • Someone who wanted to buy a franchise business agreed to research five franchise operations a week and attend a national franchise show to learn of various opportunities.
These are just a few action plans. But each of these clients achieved their career goals.

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