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About The Book

What the Hell Is Going On in My Life? – Using Your Birthdate to Find Answers About Relationships, Career, Money, Sex & Health

Did you ever wish you had your own personal advisor who could help you understand the surprising, confusing, and challenging events happening in your life? In his book, What the Hell Is Going On in My Life? bestselling author, life coach and astrologer, Larry Schwimmer provides those answers.

“The most recent Harris Poll states that 31% of Americans believe in astrology. The NEW astrology approach was written for readers who want a straightforward explanation of how to use astrology in a practical way—without having to learn the technical basics of astrology," says Schwimmer. His book provides answers to questions such as:

• “When will I fall in love?"

• “When is the best time to get out of my dead-end job?"

• “Why do I attract relationships that don't work out?"

• “When is the best time to make a profitable investment?"

• “When will I find the thing I'm meant to do in life?"

Schwimmer gives readers access to a free web site where they can customize his book to their needs. By simply inputting their birth information they will immediately find out "what the hell is going on in their life." No other astrology book offers this.

Schwimmer shares the secret to how this is done, “Based on your exact time of birth, significant astrological events called 'transits,' occur every year. These transits reveal the major events and themes that will occur in your life. By knowing how your transits are affecting you, you can prepare for problems and take advantage of opportunities."

Readers can quickly look up their personal transits to learn what is happening in their life today and what will likely happen in their future.

In addition to helping readers understand why their life changes each year, this book provides insights and advice whenever readers have an important question they want answered or a decision they need to make. With fascinating stories about how these transits have changed people's lives, Schwimmer gives readers a compelling perspective on the value of astrology.

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About The Author

Larry Schwimmer is an internationally known astrologer, accomplished businessman, life coach, and writes a Business-Astrology column for The Huffington Post. Schwimmer has appeared on NBC's TODAY Show and featured in Time Magazine, U.S. News & World Report, and The Washington Post. As a practicing astrologer for 35 years, Schwimmer uses astrology in a practical way to help his clients understand the changes occurring in their career and to make "real world" decisions. He's developed a worldwide reputation for his ability to blend his insightful astrological analysis with his business and counseling experience. Schwimmer has authored two bestselling books – How To Ask for a Raise Without Getting Fired and Winning Your Next Promotion in One Year (Or Less)! both published by Harper & Row. His newest book is, What the Hell Is Going On in My Life? – Using Your Birthdate to Find Answers About Relationships, Career, Money & Health (Amazon.com). He has held senior level executive positions with such leading multi-national companies as Gillette Co., Nabisco, and the financial services divisions of Smith-Barney and H&R Block. Schwimmer has also taught classes at the City Colleges of Chicago and Northwestern University. In addition, more than 25,000 people have attended his workshops throughout the world. He currently resides in San Francisco, California. Visit his website at Astrodecision.com.

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Learn how to land a career you love

Everyone needs to feel their voice is heard and their contributions are important. Something as simple as sharing a drink the last hour of the day on a Friday with the team to recap wins and give praise can build camaraderie within the team.

All of the above are fairly simple to implement but can make a huge difference in morale and motivation. Have any of these tips worked well for young the past? Do you have other tips to motivate your creative team? If so, please share them with me!

Encourage curiosity. Spark debate. Stimulate creativity and your team will be better at handling challenges with flexibility and resourcefulness. Create a safe space for ideas, all ideas, to be heard. In ideation, we need the weird and off-the-wall ideas to spur us on to push through to the great ideas.

Sure, there are a ton of studies done on this, but here is my very unscientific personal take. When team members can make decisions about how they work on projects, they are more engaged and connected to the project outcome. When they see how potentially dropping the ball would affect the entire team, they step up. When they feel like what they are doing is impactful and valued, they are naturally motivated to learn more, and be even better team members.

Rarely does a one-size-fits-all style work when it comes to team motivation. I have found that aligning employee goals with organization goals works well. Taking time to get to know everyone on your team is invaluable. What parts of their job do they love? What do they not enjoy? What skills do they want to learn? Even going so far as to where they see themselves in five years career-wise. These questions help you right-fit projects, and help your team see you are committed to creating a career path for them within the company.

Most designers I know love a good challenge. We are problem solvers by nature. Consistently give yourself and your team small challenges, both design-related and not. It will promote openness within the team to collaborate, and it will help generate ideas faster in the long run. Whether the challenge is to find a more exciting way to present an idea to stakeholders or fitting a new tool into the budget, make it a challenge just to shake things up.