Got A Bad Boss? Work That Boss To Get What You Want At Work

Got A Bad Boss? Work That Boss To Get What You Want At Work

About The Book

“Got A Bad Boss?” is for the legions of unhappy employees who have a Bad Boss--those bosses who inflict misery and abuse on too many employees who aren't in a position to quit. It's a practical step-by-step guide to making yourself valuable to a Bad Boss instead of cringing, screaming, or going crazy; to take control of your job and your career even if your Bad Boss is a raving lunatic, narcissist or just plain incompetent. (Check out the book trailer here.) How? By discovering your Bad Boss's secret desire and secret fear--which then gives YOU the secret to "working” your boss to get what you want at work. Not only that, but you’ve got strengths--work strengths embedded within your Employee Type--that you can use to make yourself valuable, to leverage your way to success no matter how bad your Bad Boss is. That’s what “Got A Bad Boss?” gives you: strategies and techniques specific to working each type of Bad Boss, from Finger Pointer Boss to Incompetent Boss to Egomaniacal Boss and more--using your particular work-strengths--whether you’re an Ambitious Employee, Hyper Sensitive, Pleaser or Impatient as all heck.

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About The Author

Dr. Noelle Nelson is a trial and business consultant, relationship expert, author and speaker who has empowered countless individuals to be happier, healthier and more successful at work, at home and in relationships.

Dr. Nelson shares her proactive and positive outlook in her many books and seminars. Most recently, In Make More Money By Making Your Employees Happy (Mindlab Publishing), she shows how an appreciated employee impacts company success. Now, in Got a Bad Boss?, Dr. Nelson shows how workers can turn the tables on a Bad Boss—how employees can thrive despite a “boss from hell.”

Dr. Nelson holds advanced degrees in clinical psychology from the United States International University (M.A., Ph.D.), and sociology degrees from the University of California at Los Angeles (B.A.) and the Sorbonne, Paris (Maitrise, Doctorat 3eme Cycle). She is a licensed clinical psychologist.
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