Who You Should Ask For Informational Interviews
Networking can strike fear into the heart of any job seeker. If you have a preference for solitude, haven’t done much networking before, or you’re having a crisis of confidence, it can be extremely intimidating. Can you relate? If you have reservations about networking, try conducting informational interviews instead. A slightly different take on networking, this strategy can help you in getting started talking to your contacts. These one-on-one conversations will help you to build your confidence. The greatest number, 24.5%, of all external hires (job seekers that were not already employees of the company) come from referrals, according to the 2013 CareerXroads Sources of Hire* study. Conducting informational interviews can keep you top-of-mind as openings arise and improve your chances of getting hired this way. This strategy makes so much sense, and is so natural, pretty soon, you’ll be a networking pro. To get you started, in this post I’m going to give you some ideas of who to consider doing an informational interview with. Keep reading for this valuable information. READ FULL ARTICLE ►Photo Credit: Shutterstock
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