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As of last week, Sir Richard Branson and Arianna Huffington have something else in common (besides being rich and successful). They became one of the first 150 thought leaders you can now follow on LinkedIn.

Introducing INfluencer

The folks on this list have agreed to start writing original content exclusively for LinkedIn’s members. All you have to do is go through the list and select the ones you want to follow. Once you do, you’ll see their articles in your LinkedIn feed. That’s it!

Why Should You Do This?

With over 175 million users and counting, LinkedIn is the number one professional networking platform. By following thought leaders you admire, you will have access to insightful commentary from influential people that you can share easily with people in your network. Sharing content with those connected to you is one of the best ways to add value to your network. It’s a form of social currency that A) defines you as a professional, and B) earns you respect among your peers. There is a saying, “It’s now who you know, it’s who knows you.” In short, there’s no better way to be more memorable in LinkedIn then to share the ideas of thought leaders you are following. Takeaway: INfluencer has the ability to make enhancing your reputation online easier than ever. Get started by clicking here to see who you can follow. Image Credit: s_bukley / Shutterstock
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