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With the rise of social networking, businesses can’t afford to not take advantage of everything social media has to offer. Popular websites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, are prime locations for advertising and connecting with costumers. Although every “Like,” “Share,” “Tweet,” or “Pin” doesn’t convert to cold hard cash, the benefits of social media are becoming extremely apparent. According to Business Insider, social media consulting is on the rise – no surprise here. Having the ability to instantly connect, share, and promote to the masses for free is a concept many employers couldn’t even fathom a few decades ago. Social branding is becoming the new way to market toward customers – and it’s working. If done the right way, “pins” can turn into paychecks and “fans” can turn into loyal customers. It all depends on who’s running the show behind the scenes. So, is a job in social media right for you? Here are three solid reasons you should apply for social media jobs:

1. Social Media is Crucial – and Businesses Know It

In this day and age, social marketing is crucial. According to this infographic, 42% of small businesses value their presence on social media. Yes, this number probably should be higher considering the influence social media has on things like marketing, journalism, politics, recruitment, and so on. However, businesses are finally starting to see the value in creating a community with their customers via social media.

2. Many Companies Don’t Know How to Use Social Media Effectively

Although using social media is finally looking like a worthwhile task for companies, many do not know how to use social platforms to their advantage. New research found that 72% of businesses using social media do not have solid strategies or clear goals for their social platforms, according to Mashable.com. That’s almost three quarters of business with a social media presence!

3. …But You Do!

You’re on it anyway – why not get paid for it? If you’re a recent grad or a young professional, you probably grew up using social media. You’ve experienced every painful layout change Facebook has made and you’ve been blowing up the Twittersphere for years. You know the ins and outs of it all, and even when things change, you know how to use those changes to your advantage. As a long-time user, you know what people want to see and what they don’t – this makes you an ideal candidate for the job. Want to learn more about this profession? Check out this article for a behind-the-scenes look at what a social media manager does on a daily basis. Photo Credit: Shutterstock
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