Why Social Media Gives Your Resume A Boost

Job seekers have long asked themselves: Does it really help my job hunt to use social media? First, you might want to search for your own name on the Internet. You may be surprised at the amount of information already available about you. In reality, your Internet activity is already part of your job hunt. You don’t have a choice. According to the 2012 Global Hiring Survey from the global professional association, Career Directors International (CDI), when reviewing a candidate, 58% of hiring authorities search the Internet for information at least sometimes; only 14% never check it. Moreover, the CDI survey found that 62% of hiring authorities would click on an external link if you provided one on your resume. That is, they would click through to your blog or LinkedIn account, for example, if your resume provided a link. Only 17% would ignore the link. When you engage in social media, it is vitally important that the information you provide—whether on a personal blog or a LinkedIn account—supports your image as a quality candidate and reinforces the information in your resume. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

This week on Well This Happened, we discussed Taylor's awkward workplace dilemma.

Taylor recently started a job at a retail store that's solely commission-based. He's really liking it, and learning a lot about sales.

However, his excitement for the job started to decline when the store manager started stealing clients from him and other team members.

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