4 Tips For The DIY Resume Writer

4 Tips For The DIY Resume Writer

One of the reasons that I offer this free blog on resume writing is to explain what goes into a great resume. Related:10-Minute Transformation: Give Your Resume A Power Punch! Another reason is to give back where I can: to help people who are trying to write their own resumes. Free resume help is also available from the public library, many high school and college career centers, and some nonprofits. If you are a DIY resume writer:

1. Do not let yourself get befuddled with advice.

There are dozens of ways to write a good resume and all of them are valid. Limit the number of books you consult on resume writing and the number of people you ask for opinions.

2. Remember that free advice is generic advice.

It does not take into account your accomplishments, your goals and the job you want. Customize your resume to you.

3. Try to see your resume through the eyes of an employer.

Amateur writers tend to love and believe in everything that they write. How you feel about your resume is not half as important as how a future employer feels.

4. Do not try to “beat the system."

Don't try to "stand out" by using quirky fonts, colors, keyword spam, QR codes or any other attention-getting devices. What recruiters and hiring managers want most is a resume that is clear, accurate, easy to load into an Applicant Tracking System and a match for the skills, experience and attitudes they are looking for. That is enough to concentrate on! This post was originally published at an earlier date.

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