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We’re CAREEREALISM Media (nice to meet you!). Not familiar with us? Here’s a little background: Our company started way back in 2009 in the home of our founder and CEO, J.T. O’Donnell. It consists of two major sites, CAREEREALISM.com (free, online career advice magazine) and CareerHMO.com (virtual career coaching service). Our goal is to help job seekers connect with great employers. We’ve been recognized for our efforts on sites like Forbes, AOL, Fast Company, and Mashable, among others, and we’re growing every single day. What started out as a small career advice blog out of a living room five years ago has become a cutting-edge resource for professionals all over the world. Each and every day, we work hard to stay at the “tip-of-the curl” when it comes to content. Now that you’re up to speed, I bet you want to learn our secrets to our successful online business. Okay! Here are three things that have been important factors in the company’s success:

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