5 Dream Office Must-Haves For CAREEREALISM Media

There’s nothing better than having an office you love. We spend many of our waking hours at work, and the comfort of knowing it’s a place we like to be is unbeatable. Whether it’s the security of a cubicle landscape, the team-building open concept space, or a work-from-home station, it’s important to recognize the type of office where you feel most at ease. This summer at CAREEREALISM Media, our team needed some extra space to spread its rapidly growing wings. We wanted to feel confident that we could tackle any project in our new digs, and knew that the right space would foster creativity and a connection with our team. With some searching and some luck, our team found a newly renovated space that met all of our dream office ‘must-haves.’ Here are the five features that won us over:

1. So much room for activities!

This building has as much character as space for our expanding team. With an open floor plan on each level, our team is able to collaborate easily. Large built-in desks give us each our own work station and more counter space than we know what to do with (knick-knack shopping anyone?!). Not to mention, we share our office with our sister-company, CareerHMO, which now has more space for its headquarters. A stellar conference room, complete with high ceilings and big windows, is one of the office favorites for best room. Courtesy of tumblr

2. A new studio.

From CareerHMO coaching office hours to CAREEREALISM YouTube video series, our new studio has space enough for multiple sets, props and lighting, and a handful of stars (AKA staff members or interns we’ve bribed into being on camera). Each set is unique, and they can change daily. Today alone, one corner features a computer, desk, and artwork while another holds bar signs and a surfboard bar. The opportunities are endless. Courtesy of Giphy.

3. Fun space.

Teams that play together, collaborate well together. That’s how the saying goes, right? CAREEREALISM’s new home has enough nooks (and turrets) that we’re still discovering places to brainstorm a month after moving day. Our very own “CAREEREALISM Café,” as we have lovingly named our break area, ensures that we are never without coffee or a place to hang for lunch. With the inside of our office complete, it only makes sense that the surrounding area sets the bar high. A big lawn for office parties or picnics and a giant parking lot as our playground (in case you missed it, Nick won our first annual chair races) complete the picture. Oh, and can you say roof deck? We’re in. Courtesy of Giphy.

4. Our quaint “hometown.”

CAREEREALISM has been headquartered on the New Hampshire Seacoast since 2009. As a team, we wanted to stay in the same area. This final dream office ‘must-have’ was checked off the list when we moved just down the street in downtown Hampton, NH. Just because we’re a growing company doesn’t mean we have to be in an enormous city. With over 2 million website pageviews monthly, we’re happy to reach our audience from our location by the beach! Don’t even get us started on all of our neighboring restaurants. Our biggest problem in the office is deciding where to get team lunch on Fridays. Courtesy of tumblr

5. Room to grow.

Our new office, like our company, is bigger than ever. It’s an exciting time for us as we expand our services and staff. With a growing team, we need the kind of office that offers every addition an awesome workspace of their own. We knew we found a winner with this office, and we’re looking forward to staying for a long time to come! Courtesy of Giphy.

Get To Know Us!

Does this sound like the kind of company YOU want to work for? Get to know us! Check out our CAREEREALISM Workplace Culture page. Also, be sure to check out our video below!

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