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Here at CAREEREALISM, we pride ourselves on being at the tip of the curl when it comes to business strategy. Creativity is mandatory. Related: 5 Dream Office Must-Haves For CAREEREALISM Media When it comes to trying new things, we get excited, not scared. This mentality started way back when CAREEREALISM Media was in its infancy.

Social media was a sleeping beast.

Today, social media is widely accepted as one of the easiest ways to connect with your audience and promote your brand. In fact, it’s changed the game for many people and companies. But it wasn’t always looked on so lovingly.

Social media was for celebrities.

Do you remember when everyone thought Twitter was a useless waste of time? I do. I thought tweeting was just for bored celebrities and overly-obsessed fan girls who got a kick out of knowing that Ashton Kutcher was getting coffee at that very moment. At first, many people didn’t understand the appeal of social media – including myself. They didn’t see it as a tool that could set their brands apart from the competition. And they certainly didn’t see how they could connect with their audience using it.

We changed our game.

Well, way back in 2009, CAREEREALISM’s founder and CEO, J.T. O’Donnell, decided to embrace social media instead of trash talk it. She knew the potential was there, people just too blind to see how they could use it to their advantage. Long story short, her insight on social media paid off - BIG TIME. (Want to know how? Read this awesome article on BBC!) That was five years ago – Now, we’re stronger than ever on social media with over 150k followers.

Now, we share our success.

We pride ourselves on embracing change and figuring out creative ways to make it work for our brand. That’s why this company was built and that’s how it’s going to continue to succeed. But we don’t just keep that success to ourselves – we spend each day educating others on how embracing change can work for them, too.

Get To Know Us!

Does this sound like the kind of company YOU want to work for? Get to know us! Check out our CAREEREALISM Workplace Culture page. Also, be sure to check out our video below!

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