How To Bag The 10 Top Jobs Of 2013

The stock market isn’t the only thing that took a tumble when the United States dipped into recession several years ago. The job market did the same. If you’re a college student or thinking of returning to school, you might feel like you’ll never get the job of your dreams. Well, maybe it’s time to change your dream – and your strategy.

The Top Jobs Of 2013

You don’t have to trash your dream – just tweak it toward a field that is actually hiring. Here’s a look at some of the top jobs of 2013 and what you need to get them.


The demand is high and the pay is good, with an average salary of $61,000. If you like the sciences and helping people, this may be the job for you. You’ll need a Bachelor of Science degree to get a job as a Registered Nurse (RN). If you want to spend less time and money on your degree, you can attend a tech school for a year or two, graduating with your licensed practical nurse (LPN) degree or Associate’s Degree. Just be aware you’ll be earning less as well.

General Practitioner

This career definitely requires more education (four years of college followed by four years of med school and a paid residency). We’re not going to lie – it’s a long road, with a higher than average debt. But if you’re thinking of a health care career the payoffs are big as well. With a starting salary of $106,000 and an average annual paycheck of $121,000 it’s not a bad gig. And more good news: general practitioners are currently in demand and have the lowest stress levels among their peers.


If you’re thinking you’d need to have your head examined to spend this much time in school, this may not be the job for you. But if you’d like a career with flexible hours and an average salary of $168,000 it’s worth consideration. If you like both science and psychology and don’t flinch at the idea of college, followed by med school, a residency and still more specialized training, then it’s worth looking into.

Doctors And More Doctors

Several more varieties of docs top the list of best jobs 2013. Apparently there really is a shortage of physicians in the US right now. With all the schooling required for these jobs, it’s not a career you can choose to start working at tomorrow. However, if you’re already studying science or medicine (or you’re not in a hurry to start the job) there are some specialties that might keep you happily employed in a job you love. Surgeons are in great demand, performing a stressful job with unpredictable hours, but the $180,000 salary goes a long way toward making it all worthwhile. If you’re looking for even more money – and crazier hours – consider a career as an obstetrician. You’ll earn your $188,000 salary through the long hours you put in at med school, residency and beyond. Radiology is another medical career that is appealing, with its high salary ($208,000) and more regular hours. On the negative side are the many years of education and training required – many more than the average doctor. And then there’s anesthesiology. With a starting salary of $200,000 this career is easily the highest paid in the field. But before you sign up, remember that the job requires long and stressful hours on your feet along with medical school, residency, ongoing education -- and high student loan debt.

Endodontist And Oral Surgeon

Moving on up to the mouth, another job in great demand is in the dentistry field – especially for oral surgeons and root canal guys (and gals). Education includes up to ten years post-college to get in all the training you need to perform this delicate work. The $210,000 paycheck is great, but with all that schooling, there could be a lot of debt to pay off.

Corporate Executive

If you’ve been waiting to see a top job that is not in the medical field, here it is. Finally. Corporate executives generally make it to the top in one of two ways – succeeding a relative in a family-owned business, or with many years of schooling and hard work (or both). A college degree is a near-necessity as is an MBA or other related graduate degree. It usually takes a lot of years to reach this lofty level, making the average CEO 50+ years old. Can you wait that long to reach your goal? Maybe the average pay scale of $281,000 annually (along with a seemingly endless parade of perks) will make that wait more bearable. Just saying. There you have it. That's our list of the top jobs in 2013. Do you have any more to add? Photo Credit: Shutterstock

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