Career Prep: Got the Giggles in the Interview
Job search takes practice – just like studying for the SAT. That’s why we came up with daily Career Prep questions to help you “study” for your job search! Here’s today’s question: Erin was invited in for an interview with a large company in her area. She met with four different people. She was nervous and exhausted because she didn't sleep well the night before. The last interview was with the VP whose department she’d be working in. While he was talking, he sneezed. It was a high-pitched sound. Erin started to giggle. Given the man was 240+ pounds, the sneeze just didn't match his persona. She couldn't get the giggle under control. The rest of the interview she found herself looking down and trying not to smile, but the giggle continued. All the other interviews had been super. In fact, the hiring manager she met with right before the VP said she was her favorite candidate and all Erin needed to do was impress the VP. [poll id="59"] Image Credit: Shutterstock
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