Career Prep: Job Seeking or Just Pretending?
Job search takes practice – just like studying for the SAT. That’s why we came up with daily Career Prep questions to help you “study” for your job search! Here’s today’s question: Andrew has been out of work for four months now. He’s yet to land his first job as a recent college grad. His parents think his is pretending to look for work. He swears he's job searching like crazy, but when pushed to define what activities he’s done he said the following, “I spend every morning looking for jobs online and applying when I can. I apply to at least 10 jobs each week." [poll id="61"] Image Credit: Shutterstock
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Some managers can motivate you from the moment they step into a room, while others simply cannot get employees to work for them at their full potential. The real problem stands in the fact that the effective manager does need to have some traits. Failure to have them will lead to failure for the entire company.
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