This Week On Twitter: Inbound Recruiting With David Smooke

This Week On Twitter: Inbound Recruiting With David Smooke
Last week, we announced that we will be hosting weekly Twitter chats on inbound recruiting using the #InboundRecruiting hashtag. The goal of the weekly Twitter chat is to raise awareness about inbound recruiting strategies that help employers attract the right job candidates to their current job openings. This week, we have a very special guest host on the chat! On Wednesday, May 6 at 12pm eastern, join us as recruitment marketing specialist David Smooke discusses inbound recruiting strategies and techniques!

About Our Guest Host

David Smooke is partner in ArtMap Inc., provider of inbound marketing on demand, Head of Marketing at Teamable, the enterprise employee referral engine, and Advisor to Zoomforth, the rich media recruitment marketing solution.

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Wednesday, May 6 @ 12pm eastern


Q1: What are your top 3 Recruitment Marketing metrics? #inboundrecruiting #organictraffic Q2: .@dmscott says marketers need to "earn their way in." How can content earn a company's way in with top talent? #inboundrecruiting Q3: What type of employer branding content garners the highest engagement for social media updates? #inboundrecruiting Q4: “People trust people more than they trust institutions,” -@jchernov. How do you put your hiring teams front & center? #inboundrecruiting Q5: How do you get employees involved in both producing and sharing content for your employer brand? #inboundrecruiting Q6: What drives conversions on your recruitment marketing landing pages? How's rich media affecting the click to apply ratio? #inboundrecruiting  
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