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There is a good chance you're reading this from the safety of your home. If you're like us, you've been practicing social distancing and have been stuck inside the four walls of your house for over a week now. There is also a good chance that you're incredibly bored.

What if I told you there was a way to get feedback on how you answer job interview questions by certified career coaches for FREE without ever having to leave your home?

Due to COVID-19 almost all job interviews will become virtual so you need to be prepared not only to answer questions virtually, but also make sure you're answering them correctly.

We get the need, which is why we are giving away FREE job interview answer critiques...

Step #1: Create an Account On TikTok And Follow Our Account

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Step #2: Click The Right Hand Corner Of This Video And Press "Use Sound"

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This will allow you to use the sound we created where we ask the interview question first. This will help make it feel more like an actual intervew

Step #3: Film Yourself Answering The Interview Question With Our OG Sound

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To make sure we see your video to give you feedback be sure to use the hashtags #WorkItDaily & #MockInterviewMarch

What Is #MockInterviewMarch?

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Every month we are going to unveil a new 'trend' for you to follow and participate in. This month we are going to be doing #MockInterviewMarch

What this means that any one of our TikTok followers can film themselves answering our interview questions and one of our career coaches will duet with your video to give you feedback on how you can improve!

Check Out One Of Our Mock Interview Critiques Here:

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Work It Daily Career Coach Ariella Coombs gave feedback to this video sent in by a viewer!

I'm Interested! What Do I Have To Do?

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  • Follow Us On TikTok
  • Use The Sound From Our Latest Mock Interview Video
  • Film Yourself Answering This Week's Question
  • Post To TikTok With The Hashtags #WorkItDaily & #MockInterviewMarch
  • Sit Back & Wait For Us To Give You Feedback!

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