Success Wall: Henry Networked His Way To A New Career
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Meet Henry...

Age: 59 Job Title: Business Analyst "I am a business analyst and project manager who uses communications, technology, management, and leadership skills to change organizations and improve their productivity."

His Goals

"I wanted to get back into the full-time work force and not rely on consulting. I was not making a living consulting, though I had some very interesting work. It was too sporadic."

His Challenges

"I lacked current experience. That, in my opinion, is worse than age in getting a job. I also needed a better resume and better interview skills. My great coach took care of the resume and interviewing skills. She also built my confidence."

His “Aha!” Moment

"I hired a terrific coach and became a prolific networker. I can't even begin to emphasize the importance of networking both to find a job and to improve one's life. I keep meeting many important people and by using proper networking techniques, having an influence with them."

His Success

"I am now a business analyst at Express Scripts, a very large pharmacy benefits manager. I obtained the job with only a telephone interview. I tailored my pitch to the job description. After the initial question (tell me about yourself, or why you want to work here), the hiring manager said she additional questions but did not need to ask them. She decided to ask them anyway. Her last question was prove that you have good communication skills. My answer was that I had started a professional speaking business. That was more than good enough for her."

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