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Land your dream job? Get a promotion? Make a successful career change? Congratulations! We want to share your inspiring story with other job seekers, hard workers, and career changers on our Success Wall - a place where we celebrate your accomplishments. Here's today's story: Realizing she couldn't do many job search activities while abroad, this young woman focused on the one thing that could get her an interview: her online brand. Find out how she did it below!

Meet Alyson...

Age: 23 Job Title: New Patient Coordinator "I am a recent university graduate who chose to travel for a year before pursuing a graduate degree. I am currently working at a job that I love, and I was fortunate in that they found my resume online before I found them!"

Her Goals

"I wanted a part-time job that would allow me to take classes at night in order to prepare for graduate school. I desired a job related to the medical field and one in which I would be challenged in order to gain more skills and improve on skills already acquired."

Her Challenges

"I was beginning to apply for jobs in North Carolina while I was out of state... out of the country in fact! I was in Prague, and the time difference was sometimes a hassle. I also felt at a disadvantage in some cases since I could not approach open jobs in person, or even with a phone call."

Her “Aha!” Moment

"Given that I could not approach a job opening in person or reach out in a manner other than e-mail, I realized that my online presence, resume, and presentation had to be strong enough to gain the interest of a potential employer despite the distance. "My resume had to effectively showcase my skills and value to the employer since this would be the first and only impression of me as a professional. After all, why would they bother interviewing me, someone who had not yet returned to the country? The only way was to make the resources I COULD offer to them a strong reflection of myself. "This led to me spending hours in a small cafe, downing cappuccinos, and revising my LinkedIn and Indeed profiles. Those hours (and cups of coffee!) would pay off in the end!"

Her Success

"An employer, who is now my supervisor, saw my Indeed profile and reached out to me via e-mail. She also asked to see my LinkedIn profile. The skill set I had, and the interests I'd listed on each site, aligned seamlessly with the position she was seeking to fill. I interviewed for the job the day after I returned from Prague, and after three more interviews, I got the job and could not be happier! I feel so fortunate and I know that I would not have gotten a job so quickly if it were not for these online resources."

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