Success Wall: Shoshana Saw Problem And Created A Solution

Success Wall: Shoshana Saw Problem And Created A Solution
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Meet Shoshana...

Age: 20 Job Title: Founder, Network Red "I am a young nerd with a passion for politics and unity within the GOP. I am graduating college 1.5 years early."

Her Goals

"I wanted to work in politics and do work I love, after the 2012 election."

Her Challenges

"My biggest challenge was time - I worked full-time, went to school full-time, and constantly attended networking events."

Her “Aha!” Moment

"I realized that people new to D.C. and new to politics don't know where to start, and people at the top don't know how to connect to them. I realized that by linking these two groups, I could help everyone."

Her Success

"Network Red currently has over ten staff members, and is becoming well-known. We connect Republicans in D.C. and beyond with jobs, internships, volunteering opportunities, events, organizations, and much more. People love what we do, and national organizations contact us for help finding staff, attendees for events, volunteers, and more."

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