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I’m Being Judged Because Co-Worker is Relative


Dear Experts,

I applied for a very competitive position at a business and after a grueling interview process, was offered the job. I started last Monday and already feel I’m not being accepted by the other co-workers. I have a feeling it’s because my cousin works at the very same business.

I’m worried the other co-workers think the only reason I got the job was because my cousin is an employee there. I’m concerned my co-workers don’t feel I’ve earned my position at the company. Am I being paranoid? How do I cope with this?

Here is how our CAREEREALISM-Approved Experts answered this question on Twitter:

Q#365 You probably aren’t being paranoid, but the only way to overcome this is through solid job performance. (@gradversity)

Q#365 You know what it took 2 get job *& will work hard; “what other people think of me is none of my biz”. (@juliaerickson)

Q#365 I dealt w/this working for my dad yrs ago. Prove yourself 200%. In time, show why you were a good choice! (@jtodonnell)

Q#365 Sometimes there is a ‘rite of passage’ in new job. Demonstrate ur value and contribution. They will come ’round. (@DebraWheatman)

Q#365 Have you actually tried asking someone? It makes a huge difference when you’re wondering but not asking. (@beneubanks)

Q#365 Cease concern w/ this issue; instead outperform. Within time U will attract like-minded folks = the right crowd! (@resumeservice)

Q#365 People will think what they want. Stop fretting. Do a stellar job. U’ll silence the doubters with excellence, not words. (@dawnbugni)

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