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The focus on diversity and inclusion in the workplace is becoming a significant topic amongst work culture enthusiasts. Not only does it promote a fair working environment, but an increase in innovation, intelligence, and teamwork as well.

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In today's video Work It Daily's founder and head coach, J.T. O'Donnell, talks about the 4 words that can lead people to make really bad career decisions. What do you do?
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At Work It Daily, we love hearing when our members land their dream jobs and grow their careers leaps and bounds.

We like to call the members of our career growth club the "WID Warriors" because of their strength, determination, and commitment to career success.

We're highlighting one of those warriors who recently landed a great job after joining Work It Daily's career growth club.

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What You'll Learn In This Free Tutorial

Join Presenter J.T. O'Donnell To learn the 10 Rules To Career Success!

  • How employment has evolved over the last 200+ years
  • What Professional Emancipation is and why it's CRUCIAL to you
  • How to achieve the career success you want & deserve
  • The 10 rules to career success

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The 10 New Rules to Career Success with J.T. O'Donnell!

Learn How To Achieve The Career Success You Want And DESERVE!

Who Is J.T. O'Donnell?

J.T. has been in the HR and recruiting world for 15+ years. She founded Work It Daily to drop the economic and geographic barriers that prevent many professionals from getting the career growth opportunities they want and deserve. She is also the Head Executive Coach at Work It Daily.

What Is Work It Daily?

Work It Daily is the world's first online career growth club. With access to private 1-on-1 message coaching, a network of peers from around the world and supplemental materials to help you learn, Work It Daily has created the perfect environment to grow your career. And there's and app!