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You want to pursue your dreams. You have lots of dreams and things you want to do. But for some reason, you're hesitating—even though no one is holding you back.

You are the only one that is responsible for what you can and cannot do. So, how do you pursue your dreams? Here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Create Impact


You are a gift to the world. There are things the world would like to see, hear, and feel from you. You are an artist regardless of what you do because the world wants your craft. Do not deny the world this craft.

In this day and age, you do not have an excuse of no money, no time, and barriers. Everything you dream of, you can start with the device in your pocket. Start now.

2. Don't Just Think, Do


To create impact, the union of thinking and doing is a necessity. To pursue your dreams, don't just think. You need to DO. That means to act upon what you have been thinking.

Doing is easy. Thinking makes it hard. The more you think, the more resistance rears its head.

3. Realize There Are No Formulas


People think those who achieve their dreams are special people who have a certain formula. The truth is when you pursue your dreams, sometimes formulas work. Sometimes they don't. That's how new formulas are created. That's how you improve. Create your own formula to achieve your dreams.

4. Know That Execution Is Priceless


People tell you that ideas are important. But you already have an idea of what your dreams are. You want to pursue your dreams. Your dreams are your ideas. Ideas are worthless. An idea brought to life is priceless.

If that is so, execute those ideas. Go and really pursue your dreams. To breathe life into an idea, act, execute, and, as Seth Godin says, "ship."

5. Stop Asking Questions


There are no whys or maybes. There is a time to ask questions. There is a time to stop. Now is the time to feel the fear and do it anyway. The more you do, the better you get.

This website is an example of how I am pursing one of my dreams. Sure, it isn't something big—a lot of people own websites and successful blogs. However, it's a step in the right direction. I did not sit, think, and dream. I pursued my dream. It's a step in the right direction—sharing my experience. I did not ask if I will make a fool of myself. If I did, then so be it.

6. Practice Your Way To Perfection


Execution breeds excellence. Practice is the growth to perfection. The more you do, the better you become. Everything takes practice including pursuing your dreams. If you want to achieve your dreams, start. Then, learn from the experience and adjust.

7. Understand That Anxiety Is Not Risk


People often tell you your dreams are too risky. But having a dream and not pursuing it is even riskier. What you feel is not risk, what you feel is anxiety. Anxiety is not risk. Risk can be calculated. Anxiety cannot.

You delay because you fear. You are afraid to pursue your dreams because you don't know. You fear the unknown. You will only know when you do. It's time, don't you think? Do. Don't talk. Go.

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