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Are you ready to take the first step towards unlocking your true professional potential?

If so, we're inviting you to take this incredibly accurate career assessment quiz.

This quiz will help you determine what your workplace persona is. That means you'll get a sense of who you are as a working professional, and what makes you thrive at work.

Here are a few examples of what your persona could be:


A visionary thinks big-picture and conceptualizes ideas to motivate others to action.

Are you: Capable of shaping a vision for those that can't see the possibilities?

Can you: See the end before the beginning? Are you able to assess from a bird's eye view?

Do you: Have a long-term mindset and plot your course accordingly?


Optimizers assess, analyze, and map out improvements that directly save or make money.

Are you: Someone people rely on to make sound financial decisions?

Can you: Assess a business or project and immediately see ways to save or make money?

Do you: Gain satisfaction from knowing your work makes the business more profitable?


Builders execute on a plan, managing all aspects, keeping it on time and under budget.

Are you: A specialist in your field with lots of hands-on experience?

Can you: Execute on a plan and work through roadblocks to completion?

Do you: Like to focus on ways to do things better, faster, cheaper, etc.?


Educators close gaps in knowledge and ensure staff is clear on their roles and goals.

Are you: Good at organizing thoughts into oral and written communications to motivate and train others?

Can you: Take control of an idea and choose the right method for communicating it?

Do you: Excel at wordplay and use communications skills to guide conversations?

So, What's Next?


If you want to learn what your persona is, and how it impacts your ability to find career success and satisfaction, check out this free career assessment quiz.

Seriously, knowing who you are as a working professional and what makes you happy on the job will help you be successful in your career or job search.

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