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This FREE Career Assessment Quiz Will Help You Thrive At Work

This FREE Career Assessment Quiz Will Help You Thrive At Work

What if I told you there was a magical FREE way to determine which careers you should be pursuing in your job search?

Ok, so it's not exactly "magic" -- but it's pretty close.

It's Work It Daily's Career Decoder Quiz.

This career assessment quiz will help you determine your work persona. This key piece of information is incredibly helpful to have as a working professional. Here's why understanding your top personas is helpful for your career...

Professional Personas Will Help You Market Yourself To Employers


Here at Work It Daily, we like to say that you are a business-of-one. That means you need to know how to market yourself effectively and build your personal brand. Taking this career assessment quiz will help you determine your professional strengths so you can market yourself more effectively to employers.

Professional Personas Can Help You Pinpoint Your Career Path

Knowing exactly what makes you happy on the job will make the job search much easier. You won't be wasting your time applying to job you think you'd like -- you'll be focusing on careers you know you'd love. Find out more about this quiz in this video.

Professional Personas Will Help You Articulate How You Add Value


You could reallyWOW your potential employer by telling them what value you'd add to the company. This quiz will tell you your professional strengths and how you can capitalize on them in the workplace.

This Career Quiz Only Has 20 Questions


I'm sure you had tests in high school that were longer than this quiz. It only has 20 questions, and you can take your time answering them. Plus, the questions aren't hard -- just answer them honestly! You'll be glad you did it. And remember, there are no wrong answers!

You'll Learn Something New About Yourself When You Take This Quiz


Knowing this important aspect about yourself will help you in the long run. The more you know yourself, and how you function in the workplace, the better off you'll be.

So, what are you waiting for? An important piece of your personal brand is just waiting to be revealed!

Take our Career Decoder Quiz now.

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