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Single Question Career Quiz: Are You On Track?

Single Question Career Quiz: Are You On Track?

Most of us frame our career decisions around a single question we learned early in life, which is, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

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I wanted to be an NHL hockey player… until the fateful day arrived when I realized I wasn’t going to make it - and I didn’t really want it, after all. In fact, I wanted to be a golf pro. Yet, that didn’t happen either. Eventually, I settled on “entrepreneur." Yet something about that answer still didn’t feel quite right. I found myself wondering, why do I have to “be” just one thing? What if I want to “be” a pro golfer, an entrepreneur, and a coach? Which one becomes my career? It became a bit of an identity crisis, to tell you the truth. That’s why I reframed the question to become...

The Single Question Career Quiz

There’s a far better question to answer to help you determine your career path. And it’s so painfully simple that it’s no wonder kids find it so annoying when we adults continually ask them, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” This question will give you purpose in life, increase your energy level in your work, and could lead to making you more money. Here it is:

“What problems do you want to solve in the world?”

Think about that carefully. Rather than trying to identify yourself with 1 particular career, why not release the pressure of having to be a politician, professional hockey player, or pirate? Isn’t it more fun to just focus on solving a problem that really bothers you in the world?

Solving Problems Makes You More...

For instance, the problem I’m dedicated to solving is helping people escape from boring, mediocre careers, and find a purpose-driven job they love. And the thing about problem solving is that the more complicated problem you solve, the more you get paid. For example, the X-Prize competition awards millions of dollars in prizes to whoever can solve a major world challenge. The competition first awarded $10M to whoever could build a spaceship capable of carrying three people safely into suborbital space and back. And they’ve since offered similar prizes for innovations in health care, environmental cleanup, and more. Like me, you may not have the desire to win an X-Prize competition, but you can still use the power of the 1 question career quiz to drive you, find fulfillment in your job, and earn a higher income.

Where To Go From Here...

Though this is one of the most powerful questions you can use to determine whether you’re on the right track... And deciding where to go next... You’ll also want to consider your strengths, values, and passions when making that incredibly important decision about where to take your career. After all, you’ll want to be 100% sure that what you’re thinking of doing aligns with the life you truly want to live. And since my BIG problem drives me to help you with that answer, I’ve partnered up with a purpose-driven career expert to put together a free video with some great tips on how to discover and get your dream job. His wisdom helped me get my dream job… and now I’m helping him share those lessons with the world. So, what BIG problem do you want to solve?