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Take Work It Daily's 'Career Decoder' Quiz and Unlock Your Professional Potential!


  • Wondered why you don't hear from companies you applied to?
  • Been confused why you didn't get the job after the interview?
  • Wished you could find a job that played to your strengths?
  • Wanted managers and peers to recognize your contributions?

Good news! Take the 'Career Decoder' quiz and you can start to get answers to all the questions above... and a whole lot more!

Career Decoder Quiz

How does it work?

Using a series of "would you rather" questions, we navigate you through a quiz that determines where your strengths in the workplace connect to your motivation. The result? A breakdown of your workplace "personas" and how they contribute to the success of the organization.

Why should you take the test?

The first step in being able to build a stronger personal brand and career development strategy is knowing what value you bring to an employer. This quiz will help you map out your strengths so you can start to market them more effectively!

How long will it take?

There are 20 questions total and it will take you less than two minutes to complete. Yet, don't be fooled by how quickly you can complete it. The results are accurate and compelling - you'll see!

Get started NOW - It's easy and FREE!

Just click the button below and you can start unlocking your potential immediately.

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