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How To Pass A Career Personality Test

How To Pass A Career Personality Test
Dear Work It Daily,I'm applying for a position and I really want this job. The company requires applicants to complete a Kronos personality test. What can I do to make sure I give the right answers that will land me an interview for the job? Here's how I responded... I did some research on Kronos Workforce (it absorbed Unicru) and found the test is used to identify people whose reported personality traits match the characteristics identified by the employer as critical to the job. I also found an answer key (that may be outdated now) through Google search. It does appear to assess personality traits and values, and I can see how the test would give an employer some idea of how one might make decisions, set priorities, operate in the work world, and fit into an existing culture.

Want To Get Hired? Go For The GREEN!

Satisfied employers (CVS is one) say successful employees - meaning I suppose those who match the company's culture, meet performance expectations, and stay for a long time - are those who get a "green" rating from the test. People with "yellow" ratings are rarely interviewed and only if there is a staffing crunch. People with "red" ratings are not interviewed because they are viewed as a poor match and unacceptable risk. It makes sense for companies to use these tests, even if they are not perfect. Companies spend a lot of time and money on recruiting and training staff, so they seek ways to ensure those resources are invested wisely.

If You Don't Get Picked, You Were Probably Better Off

I think it makes sense for you to use whatever information you get from taking the tests and then getting or not getting interviews. Also, if you are honest with your answers and don't get interviewed, it is possible you would not have been happy in that job anyway. I'm sure it's possible to game the tests, to figure out what characteristics are most likely to be suitable for the job you want. I wonder why you would want to do that, though?

How To Pass A Career Personality Test

Why do you want this position? What are the skills and attributes of the best people in this type of job? Who do you admire, who is well-known in this field? What are their characteristics? How do they behave? What choices do they make in any given situation? Use your common sense to determine the attributes and characteristics of the best talent and the most valued employees. Then be honest with yourself. Do you have those qualities? If so, then the test should reveal that. If not, then maybe it's time for you to consider another line of work. Or perhaps there are some ways you want to grow and change so you become a more attractive candidate. Do I think the tests are infallible? Of course not. Yet, I do think there are nuggets of information contained in them you can use to your future advantage as you look for your "right fit" work. Now you know how to pass a career personality test.

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