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From a job seeker's perspective, finding the right career can be difficult because of the competitive job market.

But, did you know that it can be just as difficult from an employer's perspective to attract the right type of candidate?

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Sometimes businesses are forced to restructure and cut staff. We've seen this during the COVID-19 crisis, but it can happen at any point of time.

While sometimes unavoidable, the decision to layoff employees can be one of the toughest decisions a company has to make. These are never easy conversations to have, but it's possible to show both commitment and compassion to impacted employees.

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Employer branding is essential for companies looking to attract and retain top talent.

But, like anything in life, employer branding has to be done well in order for it to be effective! There are certain mistakes that could make your employer branding efforts ineffective. Here are four of them:

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