Professionals networking during a holiday office party

It's that time of year again, when job seekers think they should stop looking for a job throughout the holiday season. No one will be hiring anyway, so you may as well take the rest of the year off, right? Not true, according to HR and job search experts.

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What are you fixin' to do this holiday season? Relaxing? Priming a turkey? Watching football? How about preparing your job search? No? Related: #1 Thing You Haven't Considered In Your Job Hunt You see, many job seekers think the holiday season is a time to 'refrigerate' their job search campaign. They are mistaken. In fact, the holiday season is the perfect time for you to thaw your job search tools, prep, dial up the heat, and get cooking! While most job seekers will join you in re-launching their job search around… January, with our holiday job search recipe, you will stay ahead of your competition (because you are just that smart!). So, leave the turkey roasting to your significant other (help just a little) and work on your own dish this holiday season. Here's what you will need for your holiday job search preparation:

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