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If you do it right, working from home can be a positive and rewarding experience for you, your family, and your employer. RELATED: Need some career advice? Watch these tutorials! Follow these tips to get the most out of working from home:

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Since the now infamous memo from Jackie Reses at Yahoo! was released to the media, HR circles across the country are abuzz with renewed talk on workplace flexibility options. The memo stated that all employees who currently work remotely need to find a way to work in a Yahoo! office by June. Related: 3 Flexible Day Jobs For Actors Speculation on whether this was a good decision or not started almost immediately after this story broke and clearly there are people on both sides of the issue. Some advocates for flexible work arrangements and telecommuting claim that this decision actually could cause talented employees to become disgruntled and leave the organization. The case can also be made that employees can be highly productive when they can work from home without interruption. The flip side of the argument, which includes the opinions of some former Yahoo! employees, is that remote workers were slacking off and not getting the full opportunities of interacting with their co-workers. For many organizations, collaboration is a key to success. With remote workers, communication and collaboration have to become more deliberate acts, rather than just hallway conversations in passing. With today’s technological advancements, there are certainly more means to allow for remote workers, but it’s not always the best solution for every company. Employers and employees need to consider what workplace flexibility options are available and if they can be achieved successfully. Workplace flexibility is only successful when it works for both the employee and the employer, not only one party, and it’s not a one-size-fits-all proposition.

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Your home office doesn't have to be a mundane workspace. There are a lot of creative ways to enhance its style and appeal while maintaining a stimulating environment. A report from World at Work reveals that there are more than 33 million individuals (contractors, small business owners and employees) in the U.S. who spend some portion of their time working from home. The number has increased by 17 percent since 2006. With that, why wouldn't you want an office that conforms to your style? While there are several ways you can liven up your office, here are the top four home office decor ideas for this year:

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Working From Home

Did you know over 10 percent of the workforce in the United States works from home at least one day a week? Let's be honest: When you're working from home, are you 100 percent focused on your work from nine to five? Probably not. Well, you're not the only one. According to Business Week, a survey concluded that workers are easily distracted by the comforts of home.

Distractions At Home

The survey found that 43 percent of workers watched TV and 24 percent claimed they drank an alcoholic beverage while doing work. And it's not just the comforts of home that divert our attention. It turns out household chores are also major distractions. Of the workers surveyed, 35 percent found themselves doing chores and 28 percent ended up cooking dinner. It's no wonder 50 percent of the workers surveyed said their bosses are reluctant to have their employees work from home. How can someone possible to focus on work with this plethora of distractions? Is it even possible to work efficiently? Apparently, it is. A study by Stanford University found that workers are actually more productive when working from home. According to the study, people had higher work satisfaction when working from home, and their performance increased over 12 percent during a nine month experiment. What about you? Are you more productive when you work from home? Or is the office a better work environment? Please take our poll! [poll id="26"]

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