How To Be Productive While Working From Home

Woman being productive while working from home

Working from home, like everything else, has it pros and cons. Right now, research is proving that the pros of working from home greatly outweigh the cons—and it comes down to one word: productivity.

You know about the recent remote working trends, but do you know how to be productive while working remotely?

More Productive When Working From Home?


A couple of years ago, researchers from the Stanford Graduate School of Business published their findings from a study they conducted about working from home. The study followed two groups of workers—those who worked from home (only coming into the office one day a week) and those who worked in the office for the same duration.

After two years of research, they found that the workers who worked from home improved their performance by 13%.

That's not a number to scoff at.

Many studies have come to the same conclusion: Working from home boosts employee productivity. So, what's it like working from home? How does an employee achieve this level of productivity outside of the office?

Lonely, But Productive


It probably doesn't come as a surprise that remote workers can be a lonely bunch. When you're not seeing your co-workers every day, you're losing out on important bonding time, and it can be hard to feel connected. Connection is something we crave with others, and when it's missing, it leaves a void. Therefore, we feel lonely.

A recent survey published by TalentLMS highlights this unfortunate working from home trend.

The survey found that remote workers combat loneliness in three ways: communication apps (43%), visiting the office (37%), and working from a public space (15%). Some remote workers turn on the TV when they're feeling lonely, to make it feel like people are talking in the background.

There are a few things you can do to avoid loneliness while working from home—you just have to find the right strategy for you. As for productivity, the following habits are from remote workers who make the most of every remote minute.

Habits Of Remote Workers

The TalentLMS survey found that 90% of remote workers feel they get more work done when working remotely. If employees feel like they're more productive, there's a good chance employers will see the increase in productivity on their end as well.

Productivity doesn't just happen, though. Remote workers continuously work to boost their productivity by honing their organization, communication, and time management skills. They also practice a good amount of self-discipline. After all, there are a lot more distractions at home than there are at the office.

Noise, or lack thereof, is important for remote workers. Forty-two percent work while listening to music, while 25%, as we've already mentioned, choose to turn on the TV instead (that darn loneliness!). If you like it quiet, you're not alone. Twenty-one percent of remote workers choose to work in silence.

Where remote workers plug in while at home varies as well. The majority of remote workers work from their home office (31%) or from their living room (27%). And that only makes sense—you need a good WiFi connection, and comfy chairs don't hurt!

As working from home only becomes more popular, it will be important to practice those skills and habits that make us productive remote employees. Listen to some music, have a routine, and if you get lonely, your co-workers are just a short drive or message away!

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